THE KARATE KID - Is he really the best around?

Description Daniel Larusso was the hero and underdog but was he really all that great? Was Johnny really the jerk on the beach? or was it Daniel? or maybe Alli? Things get heated on Podcast Time Machine when we butt heads talking about the best and worst scenes in The Karate Kid!

We're Back!

Description After a week off, we are back! We discuss Mike’s trip, the future of the channel and so much more! Thanks again to Z-Man for being part of the show

The Drinking Special Highlights

Description Subscribers, Drinking, Mother’s Day, Netflix and Chill! Clips from the drinking episode a couple of weeks ago!

The Drinking Special

Description Welcome to the drinking special. On this episode we have a few drinks and discuss our moms, what we watch on Netflix and much more.

Tulips, Archer, Magic, Squats, and Buttholes

Description What does Tulips, Archer, Magic, Squats, and Buttholes have in common? The best clips from Monday’s podcast! Make sure you join us this Monday for the next one. Don’t forget, on Sunday May 13th will be doing the special drinking episode so stay tuned.

Participate in our drinking game podcast! - PROMO

Description We’re having a special drinking episode on our live podcast on Sunday, May 13th at 8 pm! We’ll take shots for every new subscriber and gulps of beer for every Twitter mention or #MindsetDrinkingGame !